FIT Wellness Center

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The F.I.T.Wellness Center is where getting F.I.T. starts. Your journey begins with our staff who greet you at the door and work with you to develop a fitness programme that suits your needs. Our up-to-date fitness facility and our warm friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you meet your health and fitness goals with a full complement of services including yoga, martial arts, aerobics, massage and physical therapy. We have the best exercise equipment on the island so you’re sure to have the best, most comprehensive workout possible.

Drop in at F.I.T. and you’re likely to work out with international travelers, professional bodybuilders, local Nevisians, and people who make Nevis their home for part of the year. The owner, David Walwyn, lives and breathes fitness and wellness. He’s there, too personally setting goals, creating individual programs, teaching weight training, yoga, stretching techniques, and stability training.

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Steps Towards A New You

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A personalized strengthening program on various equipment help you achieve your health and fitness goals

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Having on and off days gives your muscle groups adequate rest and we make recommendations on the various levels of resistance, repetition, and duration to give your body the right flexibility and core factors for tone and growth.

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Stretching can increase your flexibility giving you more freedom of movement making your everyday activities easier. We’ll give you a range of exercise to improve your flexibility and overall health.

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We have different personal training packages to F.I.T. your budget.

Our F.I.T. TRAINING rates are low and offer more per hour sessions. Below outlines the scaled packages;

  • Platinum (3 session weekly/12 sessions monthly ) EC$400/US$150
  • Gold (2 session weekly 8 sessions per monthly) EC$300/US$115
  • Silver (1 session weekly/4 sessions monthly) EC$200/US$75

PT packages is non-exclusive of the monthly gym usage fee of EC$120/US$45. Individual sessions are EC$80//US$30 per hourly session.

FT sessions includes;fitness assessment, an element of aerobic, strength and a ten minute full body passive stretch at the end of your workout which is the highlight for most our members. Our FT sessions are so enjoyable and rewarding that 75% percent of our members participate in our FT program. Click the following link to hear some of our members feedback.

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FIT Equipment

The F.I.T.Wellness Center is where getting F.I.T. starts.

  • Elliptical EFX546
  • Treadmills with heart rate monitors & 15 degree incline
  • Stairmasters
  • Schwinn Exercise Bikes
  • Recumbant Bikes
  • Master Trainer Multi Gym
  • Free Weights (dumbbells 2lbs – 150lbs)
  • Ab Machine
  • Smith Machine
  • Leg Press
  • Cable Machine
  • Modular Leg Extension and Curl
  • Incline Benches
  • Flat Benches
  • Ab Benches
  • Aerobic Equipment
  • Light Resistance Equipment
  • Exercise Balls
  • Assortment of Exercise Accessories and Attachments

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FIT Membership

A personal evaluation is free! Let our professionals review your health and fitness level.. We will let you know what we think you can achieve

We will preview your personal program, and let you feel what its like to use our facility.

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[dt_sc_working_hours text=”Note: We are open on ALL holidays, including Christmas, New Year and Labor Day”]
[dt_sc_work_hour day=”Monday” time=”5AM – 8PM”]
[dt_sc_work_hour day=”Tuesday” time=”5AM – 8PM”]
[dt_sc_work_hour day=”Wednesday” time=”5AM – 8PM”]
[dt_sc_work_hour day=”Thursday” time=”5AM – 8PM”]
[dt_sc_work_hour day=”Friday” time=”5AM – 8PM”]
[dt_sc_work_hour day=”Saturday” time=”8AM – 3PM”]
[dt_sc_work_hour day=”Sunday” time=”CLOSED”]

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