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Our FIT Park is the hub of many of our fitness events. It is a 3.9 acre piece of land in Nevis  which we are developing into a eco-friendly health and fitness park.

Through activities at FIT Park we will provide a fun way for the community to engage in exercise while fostering community unity and enabling the public to gain an appreciation of the environment through a beautifully landscaped, safe location that connects them with nature.

Research on outdoor exercise demonstrates that a person’s wellbeing can be enhanced by creating a beautiful outdoor exercise environment. Studies have shown that people who exercise outdoors have a better state of wellbeing than those who only exercise indoors (for example in a gym). It has also been shown that contact with nature while exercising provides an even greater benefit to a person’s wellbeing compared to exercising outdoors without any contact with nature.

We have already made significant progress with the development of the FIT Park and have completed phase 1 of this project. An investment was made to purchase the land and to create a specially designed outdoor fitness circuit. The park currently consists of over 20 different obstacles and has been carefully designed to provide both cardio-vascular and muscle strengthening exercises, with care taken to provide attention to both the upper and lower body. There are also options for beginners and more experienced participants making the park appropriate for users of all fitness levels.

The FIT Park is where we host a number of events including our popular FIT Games which we launched in 2016 and Mr Physique which was launched in 2017.

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Our Plans For the Future

Our ultimate goal for the fitness park is to create a beautiful outdoor environment that utilizes a holistic approach to improving the health and wellbeing of our community through a number of eco-friendly sustainable initiatives.

The completed project will consist of:

  • An obstacle course;
  • A walking/running track;
  • A tennis court;
  • A gym;
  • A wellness retreat centre – this will be accessible to locals as well as regional and international guests;
  • A vegetable and herb garden;
  • Health shop where local farmers can sell their produce and where we can sell any of our excess produce;
  • A healthy restaurant which will utlise fruits, herbs and vegetables grown on-site;
  • A swimming pool for swimming lessons and aqua-aerobics classes;
  • A recreation room aimed at the elderly but will be open to other interested person’s this will be equipped with    a pool table, table tennis table and a variety of fitness video game, like the Wi, that promote physical activity in a fun way; and
  •  A day care center to accommodate mothers who require child care whilst using our facilities, the day care centre will also be open to the both members and non-members

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