The FIT Games

The F.I.T. Games was created with the sole purpose of providing the general population in Nevis with the opportunity to improve their health and fitness levels through the introduction of competitive family-oriented games and sporting activities that are fun yet challenging. These games also promote a deeper sense of community cooperation and contentedness through its team building concept.

The games take place at our FIT Park which is laid out on 3.9 acres of pristine property. The park includes 20 different obstacles and has been carefully designed to provide both cardio-vascular and muscle strengthening exercises, with care taken to provide attention to both the upper and lower body. There are also options for beginners and more experienced participants making the park appropriate for users of all fitness levels.

The FIT Games is perfect for activity for schools, churches, families, away day team building for businesses and more.

For more information and if you’d like to organise a FIT Games competition for your organisation, please do get in touch with us or check out our events page to find out when our next competition is.

You can view pictures from the launch of FIT Games here and one of our Back to School FIT Games events here

You can view videos of the launch of the FIT Games here.


Why FIT Games?

The History of the F.I.T. Games